ANSYS in ACTION: Polyflow Screw Modeling

Check new webinar of ANSYS Software products – ANSYS Polyflow  webinar.

Date – February 23, 2017Time – 1:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM GMT

Speaker –

Cost – Free

Link – ANSYS in ACTION: Polyflow Screw Modeling

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ANSYS Polyflow’s unique Mesh Superposition Technique (MST) capability makes detailed 3-D modeling of both single screw and twin screw extruders a reality. In this 20-minute webinar session, learn how you can make meaningful engineering decisions using a practical modeling approach. Understand the underlying assumptions and see sample outputs, including pressure distribution, temperature and shear rate.


ANSYS Polyflow accelerates design while shrinking energy and raw material demands to make your manufacturing more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. R&D teams use this technology extensively to design and optimize processes such as extrusion, thermoforming, blow molding, glass forming, fiber drawing and concrete shaping. Design engineers use Polyflow to minimize physical prototyping when manufacturing extrusion dies or to reduce thickness variation to improve the quality of thermoformed or blown products.




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