ANSYS 18 Innovations – Systems and Simplorer

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Date – March 2, 2017, Time – 9:00 Am, EST / 2:00 Pm, GMT Session

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Register now for a webinar on the latest advances for systems applications with the release of ANSYS Simplorer 18. With ANSYS 18, ANSYS Simplorer provides enhanced capability for modeling complete physical systems, with a new graphical modeling editor for Modelica, new Reduced-Order Model interfaces, and compatibility with model libraries from Modelon. Simplorer also extends its interoperability leadership, providing new and enhanced connectivity with systems engineering processes, support for FMI co-simulation, system model identification and closed-loop testing with embedded software designs in SCADE. Join us as Lee Johnson, Simplorer product manager, demonstrates these enhancements in this live webinar.




ANSYS Simplorer is a powerful platform for modeling, simulating and analyzing virtual system prototypes. It enables product development teams to verify and optimize performance of their software-controlled, multi-domain systems designs.


With flexible modeling capabilities and tight integrations with ANSYS solutions for 3-D multiphysics simulation and ANSYS SCADE products for embedded software design, Simplorer provides broad support for assembling system-level physical models and helping product development organizations connect conceptual design, detailed analysis and system verification.


ANSYS SCADE Suite empowers users with a Model-Based Development Environment for critical embedded software. With native integration of the formally-defined SCADE language, SCADE Suite is the integrated design environment for critical applications spanning requirements management, model-based design, simulation, verification, qualifiable/certified code generation, and interoperability with other development tools and platforms.