Accelerating Productivity with Non-linear Nastran


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Date – Apr 4, 2017, Time 11:00 am

Speaker –

Presented by Hanson Chang
Webinar Host: Farnaz Jadbabaie

Cost – Free

Link – Accelerating Productivity with Non-linear Nastran


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MSC Nastran is the most trusted Finite Element Analysis tool on the market today. The Nonlinear Analysis Capabilities of MSC Nastran SOL 400 have been used in the field for over 10 years. Its proven multidisciplinary approach to structural analysis at various points in the product development cycle yields the most accurate results time and time again.

Structural analysts have successfully used Nastran nonlinear analysis to solve large scale problems such as post buckling of an aircraft wing, in addition to problems as small as Printed Circuit Board (PCB) component leads. MSC continues to expand the MSC Nastran platform with enhanced capabilities and robust solutions such as, SOL 400. This will allow users to tackle even the most challenging nonlinear problems.

About this Webinar:


This webinar will provide an overview of MSC Nastran’s nonlinear analysis, SOL 400. It will highlight the powerful capabilities SOL 400 has to offer and useful tips on how to incorporate it into your workflow.

  • Introduction to MSC Nastran
  • Nonlinear Solution Strategy
  • Nonlinear Materials
  • Contact
  • Modeling in SOL 400