Using Numerical Simulation for Bioproduction Processes Workshop


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Date – April 20, 2017, Time – 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM (EET)

Venue – ANSYS Belgium, Avenue Pasteur 4, 1300 Wavre, Belgium

Speaker – ANSYS Benelux ( )

Cost – Free

Link – Using Numerical Simulation for Bioproduction Processes Workshop


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Facing the competition of other pharma and biotech hotspots around the world, the local healthcare companies need to cost effectively innovate to maintain R&D, and related jobs, in our region. Not adopting engineering simulation widely is now considered as a competitive disadvantage. Let’s make sure you could gain significant ROI quickly through a smart deployment of a digital approach.


09h00 – Welcome & Breakfast

09h30 – Introduction to numerical simulation for biopharma application

For pharmaceutical applications, numerical simulation allows engineers to quickly identify optimal designs and processes. In this seminar, we will discuss challenges of pharmaceutical processes and the ANSYS solutions that we have used for designing, understanding and optimizing processes and FDA approval.

09h45 – Small scale manufacturing – Microfluidic Cell Culture Systems

With the recent advances in microfluidic technology, the utilization of a microfluidic-based cell culture has several advantages, making it a promising alternative to the conventional cell culture methods.

10h30 – Large scale manufacturing – Bioreactor and Mixing tank

For production engineers working in the pharmaceutical industry, the challenges are not finished after a new drug molecule has been discovered. They are then tasked with taking a process that has been designed and verified at a small-scale and successfully reproducing this at an industrial scale for full production volumes.

10h50 – Customer Presentation – OUAT! Life Science – Efficient cleanroom design

Large scale production often implies cleanrooms.

To ensure optimal cleanroom performance, air flow design and frequency of air changes should be evaluated.

We coupled the airflow simulation software developed by ANSYS with HakoBio, a web application to create conceptual design of cleanrooms and enter them using virtual reality. Our presentation will introduce results from a case study combining the use of both software. The case study will compare this disruptive new method with traditional manual assessment from a cost and time perspective.

11h20 – Break

11h30 – Workshop

Get your hands dirty!

During this session, you will have the opportunity to test one of ANSYS tools for a dedicated application seen earlier.

12h30 – End of the workshop – Lunch – Open discussion with ANSYS experts

The workshop will finish after noon but you will have the opportunity to discuss you projects with our engineers if needed while enjoying some food. We can also arrange side meeting.

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It is free to attend. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.