Forge Ahead: The Start of an industry-wide conversation — Five women, five questions and one important developer and tech women conference. Join us @Twitter HQ and support us as #WeRise.

Where can you find more than 700 female developers and tech professionals under one roof? At Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, where Women Who Code will hold CONNECT 17, the nonprofit’s flagship technical and developer conference, on April 29.

This year, with support from the Autodesk’s Forge developer platform and community, five Autodesk developers and engineers will join the CONNECT 17 speaker lineup for in-depth panels, technical workshops, keynotes, and also offer actionable advice on career advancement.

We asked these five Autodesk women five questions to learn more about them and their experience in the field. Here’s what Aradhana Vaidya (Senior Customer Success Engineer), Hannaha Lee (Full-Stack Software Engineer), Lauryn Porte (Software Engineer), Sharmila Phadnis (Product Line Manager, former Senior Software Engineer/OCTO), and Shiya Luo (Autodesk Forge Developer Evangelist, Software Engineer) had to say, and we’re inviting our fellow industry partners and sponsors of Connect 17 to join us and share their experience as well.

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