Stress, Vibration, and Thermal Analysis of Large Assemblies Hands-On Workshop


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Date – May 3, 2017, Time – 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM (MDT)

Venue – ANSYS, Inc., Flatiron Office Park Suite 105, 5555 Central Avenue, Boulder, CO, 80301, USA

Speaker –  Kevin Hanley ( )

Jeff NIssley ( )

Cost – Free

Link – Stress, Vibration, and Thermal Analysis of Large Assemblies Hands-On Workshop

Details –


Join ANSYS for a free hands-on “Lunch & Learn” workshop focusing on large assembly structural analysis and platform integration using ANSYS Mechanical and additional tools in the ANSYS Structural product portfolio. Attendees will learn how to manage large assemblies containing a large number of parts, and how to effectively use the ANSYS Mechanical ease-of-use features to reduce pre-processing times, and ultimately increase analysis efficiency. Attendees will be guided through the ANSYS Mechanical workflow starting from CAD through extracting useful results such as mechanical stresses and strains, deformations, and fatigue life. The goal of this session will be to empower designers and analysts alike to leverage ANSYS tools to be more productive, effective, and to develop a better understanding of design considerations earlier in the product life-cycle. Whether you are new to simulation or an expert ANSYS Mechanical user, this workshop will be valuable to learn about the latest technologies and best practices.


About Seminar –


This seminar will include hands-on exercises for:

  • 3D Assembly Modeling
    • Import CAD into the ANSYS Workbench Environment and generate a Finite Element Model using ANSYS Mechanical.
    • Use ANSYS Mechanical ease-of-use features to get to high-fidelity results with reduced model set-up time.
    • Take advantage of ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler to save time on geometry preparation and finite element meshing.
  • Stress, Vibration, and Thermal analysis of large assemblies
    • Static Structural Analysis
    • Modal Analysis
    • Steady-State Thermal Analysis

Please note that the hands-on session limits registration to 10 attendees.