SoCal Aerospace Expo B2B Matchmaking Conference


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Date – May 11-12, 2017

Venue –  Los Angeles Convention Center,  1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

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Welcome to SoCal Aerospace Expo where the goal is to bring Commercial Aerospace and Defense business back to Southern California.

We will strive to do this by connecting OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 and Distributors, Domestic and Foreign Customers with local suppliers in an effort to make the bridge and facilitate communication thru B2B pre-arranged matchmaking meetings. By introducing customers to exhibiting companies, Customers’ purchasing personnel will be able to meet with and evaluate your products and services. OEMS, Tier 1, Tier 2 Customers will not need to exhibit, just attend the Expo and meet with suppliers at their 10×10 booths. This will help keep costs down and increase attendance for all. But to meet with Customers, you must be an exhibitor.

We will provide our extensive Aerospace, Defense & Space Global contacts and Tradeshow experience to organize and produce reasonably priced A&D B2B Matchmaking Conferences to help Suppliers make new connections with global customers, to help OEMs find new sources of supply, provide training where appropriate to help the workforce become more employable, all for a fair return on investment to the share holders, and to be able to support our chosen charity.

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Welcome to Socal Aerospace Expo, a division of Socal Aerospace Group (a California Corporation), where you will find our Tradeshow and Conference Services very affordable and specific to your Aerospace and Defense needs.

We are seasoned leaders who have worked in Aerospace all our careers in a variety of roles in small privately held companies, large public companies as well as our own.

In addition to our A&D Tradeshow B2B Matchmaking Meetings, we will also bring top line Industry Executives to speak about several key areas of specific interest to SoCal Aerospace and Defense manufacturers, in line with what OEMs expect and need of them.
We understand what it means to have constraints and high expectations. So we will endeavor to bridge the gap between OEM’s high expectations with what the supply chain is perceived to provide. In doing so, we hope to help companies connect with OEMs wanting their products and services at a value in line with their needs. And where appropriate, the conference will help train suppliers to reach higher goals and even perhaps begin a journey to diversification. A win-win for everyone, and specially for the SoCal economy and our experienced workforce.

We also plan to find ways to help train the workforce by first understanding what the suppliers need, and what the workforce might be lacking so that thru training they can become more employable to support the supply chain growth.

Additionally, it is our intent to bring timely information about the state of current A&D Programs, so that manufacturers can benefit from having a local resource to tap into without needing to travel overseas and without breaking the bank.

We have the experience to lead and the resources to help you surpass your goals… Please join us…