Coolsim: CFD Made Easy to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Data Center


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Date –  October 25, 2017, Time – 11:00 AM (EDT)

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Cost – Free

Link –  Coolsim: CFD Made Easy to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Data Center

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Many data centers pay twice for their power: once to power the servers and once again to reject the residual heat that results from them. Correctly managing the airflow in a data center can reduce power consumption by 30 percent or more, but knowing what to do to improve the airflow can be a guessing game. By using a predictive tool based on proven science, you will quickly know what to do, and the effect it will have on your power consumption.

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Join us as Paul Bemis, president and CEO of Applied Math Modeling, discusses how Coolsim can be used in a variety of data center designs to analyze and optimize airflow. Based on the predicted airflow, we will discuss what can be done, and the results of those changes. Discover how the visual aspect of CFD modeling reveals ways to improve the airflow, and how to perform “what-if” simulations to prove that the proposed solution works (or doesn’t) before implementation.

You will lean:

  • How cooling efficiency affects the overall power usage effectiveness (PUE)
  • How the cooling unit’s “coefficient of performance” interacts with the overall PUE
  • What key parameters can be adjusted to obtain the greatest improvements for the least investment