Dimensioning and quality proof of a connector using ANSYS optiSLang


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Date – October 4, 2017, Time – 9:00 CEST and 9:00 PDT

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Link – Dimensioning and quality proof of a connector using ANSYS optiSLang

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Learn how ANSYS optiSLang helps you to perform a fully automatic calibration and optimization of a connector with respect to challenging environmental conditions. You will also learn how to set up and perform a tolerance analysis with ANSYS optiSLang.

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Connectors are used in a wide range of industrial products: eMobility, energy automation, automotive industry, etc. In order to design such connectors, in a first step, it is often necessary to calibrate the virtual material model to experimental measurements. A design improvement can be achieved by optimizing the geometry for a required insertion and pull-out process. Finally, the quality of the connector has to be proven. With the help of ANSYS optiSLang, the engineer can easily solve these challenges.