Increasing Your ANSYS Simulation Throughput


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Date –  Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017, Time – 10:00am – 11:00am PT

Speaker –


BASKAR RAJAGOPALAN, Senior Strategic Alliances and Marketing Manager, NVIDIA
WIM SLAGTER, Director, HPC & Cloud Alliances, ANSYS, Inc
BUTCH VISION, VP of Engineering, SimuTech Group

Cost – Free

Link –  Increasing Your ANSYS Simulation Throughput

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NVIDIA and ANSYS have collaborated to bring higher productivity to your engineering simulations using NVIDIA GPUs in ANSYS. In this webinar, NVIDIA, ANSYS, and SimuTech Group are teaming up to showcase how NVIDIA® Quadro® GP100 helps in accelerating fluid dynamics, structural and electromagnetics engineering simulation with ANSYS portfolio of solutions.

About webinar –


Register now to learn more about how your ANSYS simulation can be transformed and benefit from the most advanced GPU technology.
By attending this webinar, you’ll learn:
    1. Evolution and challenges of product development
    2. Introduction to NVIDIA Quadro GP100 and ANSYS GPU-accelerated solutions
    3. Using GPUs for speeding up ANSYS Discovery Live, Fluent, Mechanical, and Electronics 18.0 simulations
    4. Use cases, GPU performance data, and customer stories
Connect with NVIDIA experts as they conduct live Q&A.