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Free ANSYS Performance Benchmark Program Supported by HPC Partners Webinar – November 7, 2017

Free ANSYS Performance Benchmark Program Supported by HPC Partners


Check new webinar of ANSYS Software products – ANSYS, HPE HPC cluster,HPE, HPC ,cluster, CFD or Mechanical model , CFD, Mechanical , model , Webinar.

Date – November 7, 2017, Time – 11:00 AM (EST)

Speaker – Online via WebEx ( webinar@ansys.com  )

Cost – Free

Link –  Free ANSYS Performance Benchmark Program Supported by HPC Partners

Details –


You know it’s time to run your ANSYS solvers on something more powerful than a workstation, but perhaps you need quantitative proof to convince your superiors that it’s worth the money. You can get that proof for free through the virtual benchmarking program that ANSYS, HPE and Intel are offering ANSYS clients.

About webinar –


Join us for this program, and you can submit your own CFD or Mechanical model for free. We’ll run your model on a small HPE HPC cluster and send you the resulting time/performance comparison to compare to your workstation results. See for yourself which hardware setup gives you the best return on your ANSYS software investment — at no cost to you.



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