High Capacity Power Signoff Using Big Data


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Date – November 14, 2017, Time – 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (EST)

Speaker – Online via WebEx, ( webinar@ansys.com )

Cost – Free

Link – High Capacity Power Signoff Using Big Data

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In this webinar, learn how NVIDIA has developed a workflow to run a flat, full-chip power integrity and reliability signoff analysis using a fully distributed compute and big data solution with ANSYS RedHawk-SC. They achieved a turn-around time of well under 24 hours for full-chip flat power signoff analysis on NVIDIA’s largest GPU – Volta, which contains around 21 billion transistors. Additionally, silicon correlation exercises performed on the Volta chip using RedHawk-SC produced simulated voltage values that were within 10 percent of silicon measurement results.

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This methodology was published in the Design Automation Conference 2017 (DAC 2017) Designer/IP track poster session. Discover how NVIDIA’s most powerful GPU uses ANSYS’ next generation SoC power signoff solution based on big data to deliver the best performance for cutting-edge AI and machine learning applications.