Interference-Free Design of Electronic Devices


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Date – Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Speaker – Dr. German ,Senior Manager of Research & Development at ANSYS

Cost – Free

Link – Interference-Free Design of Electronic Devices

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In today’s wireless world, we are seeing ever increasing complexity in modern commercial electronics. It is commonplace for devices to include multiple RF transceivers, digital data sources and sensors co-located in a very small space with the expectation of continuous and uninterrupted simultaneous operation. This “co-existence” in a confined environment, rich with digital signals that themselves produce RF emissions that can “desense” receivers on the device, introduces an urgent need to consider RFI issues as early in the product design process as possible.

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This webinar will present a simulation-based workflow for addressing radio frequency interference (RFI) throughout the design process of wireless devices. The workflow leverages processes and tools commonly in use by design engineers to enable the identification and mitigation of RF coexistence and desense issues as early in the design stage as possible. We will show that by using existing tools and techniques, designing with RFI in mind can be accomplished without introducing significant additional overhead to the design process.