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ANSYS Convergence Regional Conferences 2017 – October 27, 2017 -Eindhoven, The Netherlands

ANSYS Convergence Regional Conferences 2017


Check new Conference on – ANSYS Convergence Regional Conferences 2017

Date – October 27, 2017

Venue – Evoluon,Noord Brabantlaan 1A, 5652 LA Eindhoven, The Netherlands,

Phone: +31 (0) 40 250 4666

Speaker – Speaker

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Link – ANSYS Convergence Regional Conferences 2017

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2017 Convergence Conferences – Eindhoven

Have you been wondering…

  • How much a digital twin of your operating device or system would reduce the cost and risk of unplanned downtime and improve future product development processes?
  • How much a digital prototype would enable you to predict your product performance saving development and testing time and costs?
  • How many benefits a real-time simulation would bring to your design exploration?

If you have, you can discuss these and many other topics with ANSYS users and experts at the ANSYS Convergence Conference in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Don’t miss the chance to collaborate with designers, engineers, analysts, managers and executives to share simulation experiences, best practices and tips and tricks while gaining insight into ANSYS’ overall strategy.


About Conference –


DEMO Corner: Stop by to try ANSYS software and discovery the benefits in real-time.

EnSight: See the new tool of the ANSYS family “EnSight” in action. Experience the ease of use in getting meaningful information, images, graphs, animations out of your simulation results datasets – be it Fluent, CFX or even multidisciplinary data from an FSI analysis involving different solvers. The demo also elaborates on the client server architecture of EnSight and shows how to do engineering postprocessing reaching out to VR topics like stereo viewing and realistic rendering.

Discovery Live: To realize what Pervasive simulation means, join our booth, and test in live our new software ANSYS Discovery Live. We created a disruption in the numeric simulation world and we’re certain that your vision will change forever.

End to End ANSYS Solutions: Discover practical examples on how ANSYS simulation can help you develop and optimize your products.

  • Cooling System for Electronic Equipment: ANSYS simulation platform is used to control and optimize a new cooling system for a CPU subjected to high dissipative heating.
  • Reliable Turbomachinery Blade Design and Aeromechanical Simulation: ANSYS general turbomachinery solution covering aerodynamic designs, flutter predictions up to data and workflow process management.
  • Design and Control Optimization of a Water Distribution System: A system level model example showing how 0D/1D component models can be integrated and coupled with other physical and software models such as:
    • Embedded control code (via ANSYS SCADE, a model-based software design for simulation/validation and auto-code generation)
    • 3D physics and Reduced Order Modeling (via ANSYS FEA, CFD and Electromagnetics)

Do not hesitate to stop by the platform demo corner to discover more examples and discuss about yours.


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