EnSight Japan User Meeting


Check new Conference – EnSight Japan User Meeting

Date – October 27, 2017

Venue – Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan

Speaker – SPEAKER

Cost – yoshihito@ensight.com

Link – EnSight Japan User Meeting

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EnSight Standard is the mainstay application for CAE post-processing and visualization. Able to read up to 32 models at the same time, from different data sources or solvers, it is ideal for comparing results between solvers, fluid-structure interaction post-processing, and optimization post-processing such as comparing multiple runs of the same solver against each other.

EnSight Standard provides batch and interactive operations, allowing you and your team to run interactive explorations during the day and let EnSight complete batch post-processing for you overnight.

EnSight Standard is also equipped with the ability to display multiple viewports, so that you can provide large overviews and detailed views and the same time, or show multiple models at the same time. These views can be linked for easy comparison across a number of views.

About Conference –


EnSight is proud to announce our upcoming Japanese User Group Meeting (UGM) on Friday, October 27, at the Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo, Japan. This event is the perfect opportunity for EnSight users from all over the world to meet and discuss innovative projects, share helpful information and learn about the latest updates from EnSight.

This year’s UGM features a full schedule of guest speakers including:

  • Mr. Darin McKinnis from CEI, Inc. (makers of EnSight) will be discussing the new features in an upcoming major update, EnSight 10.2, EnVision 10.2 the new 3D viewer, as well as CEI’s newest product, Nexus: an online hub for your engineering data.
  • Mr. Yasuyuki Matsuno from CEI Japan will discuss techniques for automatic processing using EnSight.
  • Mr. Yoshihito Kikkawa from CEI Japan will discuss the latest news for EnSight users in Japan.
  • Speakers from EnSight customers across Japan will discuss their use of EnSight and their innovative work.

In addition to these guest speakers, EnSight partners in the area will be exhibiting  their products, including:

  • In 2016  Mr. Takeshi Otomo from MSC Software Japan, demonstrated collaboration between MSC products and EnSight.
  • In 2016  Mr. Yasuhiro Hatskenaka, from Fujitsu Limited discussed virtual reality displays using zSpace.

If you live in Japan and are interested in attending the event, you can register on CEI Japan’s website.

Any international EnSight user interested in attending should email Yoshihito Kikkawa directly for more information at yoshihito@ensight.com. We look forward to seeing you there!