About Us


CADCAECAMWORLD is an Education based Broadcast Media and publishing website in Engineering and Science based in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar (Mohali), India.

CADCAECAMWORLD connects Scientists, Researchers, Professors, Lectures, Scholars, Post Graduates, Graduates, Under-Graduates,Teachers, Engineers, Doctors and Students to a passionate grid of statistics, news, events and learning.

Main objective is to provide information about CAD, CAM, CAE (FEA, CFD), 3D Printing, PLM AND BIM software and their application. To provide information about company who contribute in CAD, CAM, CAE (FEA, CFD), 3D Printing, PLM AND BIM sectors even it small or big company or groups who developed the software. Also, contribute in providing information regarding in learning and get training in software various CAD, FEA, CFD, BIM, PLM, CAE and PLM Softwares. Get information regarding various events, update.

Our AIM is in latest issuing of cutting edge news, articles, tips, tutorials, events, blog, 3D Printing, CAD, CAM, CAE(FEA and CFD), BIM, PLM engineering information on websites. Objective is to endeavours to triumph superiority by providing its reader up-to-date in national and international development in various engineering sectors like CAD, CAM, BIM, PLM, FEA and CFD (CAE). Started in 2015 as a blog, CADCAMCAEWORLD.

CADCAECAMWORLD also provide advertising solutions for companies for their various promotions and events update.

The information contained in this website is authentic to the best of our knowledge. CADCAECAMWORLD.COM site can be used in whatever manner you wish with credit.

Logos, Images, Videos, Tips, Tutorials, Article, Webinar are the copyright of their respective 3D Printer, CAD, CAE, CAM, FEA, CFD, BIM, PLM  Software’s owners.

All Logo’s and Registered Trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

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