Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is the branch of machine design in which the help of computers to process in the Creating, Modifying or Optimizing of a design. CAD is a software system which you can installed in your computer and start create the design and innovate new things.

CAD software system create the output in the form of computer file type, PDF for printing, for manufacturing operations like CNC machine and for other CAD software file type. CAD software improves the communication between design and manufacturing department.

COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN (CAD) software system has many advantage includes:

  • Main it reduce the wastage of paper for drafting the design.
  • It increase and improve the productivity of the designer.
  • It reduce the time for creating the new or modify design cycle for designer.
  • It improves the communication between the departments through documentation.
  • It create computerized database for manufacturing.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) used in various fields. It includes:

  1. CAD used to design Electronic System also known as Electronic Design Automation (EDA).
  2. CAD used to design Mechanical Design also known as Mechanical Design Automation (MDA).
  3. CAD used to create a technical drawing also known as Computer-Aided Drafting.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software used for-

mechanical design is used present the vector-based graphics for drafting of an object or component and also produce rendered graphic visual for full appearance of the design object. In manual drafting you have to prepare whole sheet by yourself, but in CAD software output you have to specify the specific convention and you get bill of material (BOM), material of component, process, dimensions and tolerances for component. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software used to design in 2-D space and in 3-D space. For 2-D space like curves and figures and in 3-D space curves, surface, solid body.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software important industrial art design tool used in-

many applications area. It includes various industry:

  • Aerospace design
  • Automotive design
  • Shipbuilding design
  • Industrial design
  • Architectural design
  • Animation industry
  • Jewellery design
  • And many more

It is also used in creating movies using computer animation for special effects also known as DCC Digital Content Creation. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is major role player for research and development for designing new products.

In 1970s, CAD replaced the manual drafting done by-

draftsman with electronic drafting and become essential part for cost reduction for company’s. Now more company started using the CAD system. CAD also provide engineering calculation which otherwise done manually or with computer programs by the designer. CAD become revolution for the engineering industry. It start bring together different departments like draftsman, designers, engineers and become a single unit. CAD also help the computer industry, when it just start to expand its region.

Present CAD software package providing 2D drafting system, 3D solid and surface modelers system. Few CAD softwares is ability for dynamic mathematical modeling and is marketing as CADD. Many company start providing advanced rendering, animation modules to CAD system, so engineer can visualize the product design. Now few company start providing 4D BIM software which is virtual construction engineering simulation provide with time or schedule information for project management.

CAD is used in designing-

tools, machinery, automotive and aeroplanes, design of different types of building from small, residential to large commercial and industrial building structures. CAD is used by many engineers around the world working in different profession.

CAD first used for detail engineering of 3D model and 2D drawing of physical components, but now days it expanded its region. Now CAD is used for whole engineering process start from conceptual design, layout of product, strength and dynamic analysis of product assembly and to manufacturing method of different parts of product.

CAD become essential important technology which also increase the scope of computer-aided technology. CAD software providing advantage like:

  • Less product development costs
  • Short design cycle
  • Provide ability to the designers to create design, saved for future optimization and save the time on creating drawings.

CAD is essential part of product lifecycle management (PLM) process. CAD became a part of digital product development (DPD) process which is part of PLM process.

Presently many CAD software comes with other tools which comes in modules or a single products. It includes:

  • Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
  • Photo Realistic Rendering
  • Motion simulation
  • Product Data Management (PDM)

CAD software providing precision development of photo simulations which are used for preparing the environmental impact reports. In environmental impact reports, the CAD model of building is superimposed on photograph of existing environment around the building that how it look in that natural environment. CAD also provide the shadow study and light study.

CAD provide the history, feature, parametric and constraint control to the designer.

Designer has the ability to look back the history of the model how it is made or if he want to work in particular feature area of the whole model. Parameters and constraints help in controlling and defining the size, shape and other property of CAD models. Presently Feature of CAD system also provide various tools for measure properties such as tensile strength, yield strength, electrical or electro-magnetic property. Also provide measurement for stress, strain and how material elements effected at certain temperature.

CAD provide various different type of the CAD software, which require the designer to think innovative to use and design the virtual components in different ways for each.


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