I-DEAS is also known as Integrated Design and Engineering Analysis Software. I-DEAS is a Computer-aided design (CAD) software suite. I-DEAS was formerly created by Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (SDRC) in 1982.


I-DEAS was used by primarily in the automotive industry. I-DEAS is used by most notably by Ford Motor Company (who standardized on the program) and by General Motors. SDRC was bought in 2001 by its competitor, Electronic Data Systems, which had also acquired UGS Corporation.

UGS Corporation was maker of Unigraphics. EDS merged these two products – I-DEAS and Unigraphics into NX.

UGS was purchased by Siemens AG in May 2007.


UGS was renamed as Siemens PLM Software.

I-DEAS developers are SDRC, then EDS, after that UGS Corporation and finally by Siemens AG. Now I-DEAS was developed by Siemens PLM Software. I-DEAS stable release I-DEAS NX 12 m3. I-DEAS runs on operating system like Unix/Windows. I-DEAS is CAD type Software.

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