SolveSpace exists an Open Source 2D and 3D CAD software package. SolveSpace is constraint centered parametric modeler using modest mechanical simulation abilities. It is developing by Jonathan Westhues.

SolveSpace is established by Jonathan Westhues.  SolveSpace first announcement in 2008. SolveSpace out its steady issue SolveSpace 2.0 in 11 August, 2013. SolveSpace written in C++. SolveSpace runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating system. SolveSpace operate on platform PC. SolveSpace is CAD type software. SolveSpace license type is GPL.

SolveSpace functions contain –

  • Modeling 3D parts
  • Modeling 2D parts
  • Preparing CAM data
  • Mechanism design
  • Plane and solid geometry

SolveSpace, Modeling 3D parts consist of draw using extrudes, revolves plus Boolean (union/difference) procedures. SolveSpace, Modeling 2D parts consist of draw the part such as a particular unit, and export as a DXF, PDF or SVG; practice 3D assembly to validate fitting.


SolveSpace, Preparing CAM data consist of distribute 2D vector art aimed at a waterjet machine or laser cutter; or creates STEP or STL, aimed at import keen on third-party CAM software package. SolveSpace, Mechanism design consist of usage the constraint solver towards mimic planar or backbone links, through pin, ball, or slide joints.

SolveSpace, Plane and solid geometry consist of interchange hand-solved trigonometry in addition worksheets using an alive dimensioned sketch.

SolveSpace is free circulated underneath GPLv3. SolveSpace documents toward built-up essential to remain in his specific text-based SolveSpace Models (.slvs) format.

SolveSpace provisions numerous distribute formats are delivered, containing –

  • 2D vector drawing as DXF, EPS, PDF, SVG, HPGL, STEP
  • 3D wireframe as DXF and STEP
  • Triangle mesh as STL and Wavefront OBJ
  • NURBS surface as STEP

A short-term journal and conversation with the inventor looked in Libre Graphics World.

This analysis compliments SolveSpace aimed at its minor executable file size, its innovative limitations solver and variety of output formats. The similar analysis follow-ups particular disadvantages, mostly its leisurely and restricted processing of NURBS Booleans and shortage of built-in Linux provision.

A third-party videotape demo through Chris Madsen  –

is accessible on YouTube as by means of SolveSpace to create Sonex flap detent,

A former platform suite called SketchFlat. SketchFlat likewise established by Jonathan Westhues. SketchFlat, has been interchanged through SolveSpace.

Official Website –

SolveSpace Website –


SolveSpace open source project on Gitorious –

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