SpaceClaim is a 3D solid modeling cad software. SpaceClaim runs on Microsoft windows. SpaceClaim is developed by SpaceClaim Corporation. Spaceclaim Corporation was established in 2005.  Spaceclaim in 2005 to develop 3d solid modeling software for mechanical engineering.

Spaceclaim Corporation in May 2014 certified that the company had been attained by Ansys, Inc.

Spaceclaim Corporation Company inaugurated its 1st product, SpaceClaim 2007 Professional. Spaceclaim Corporation in 2007 introduced SpaceClaim 2007 Professional as a cad application that uses a methodology to solid modeling where design ideas are created by pulling, moving, filling, combining and reusing 3d shapes. Spaceclaim Corporation headquartered in Concord, Massachusetts.

SpaceClaim Solid modeling methodology –

SpaceClaim’s 3d direct modeling technology is primarily expressed through its user interface in 4 tools:

  • Pull
  • Move
  • Fill
  • Combine

Pull – it encompasses most foundation feature found in old-fashioned cad systems, describing its performance through user’s selection and though the use of secondary tool guides. For example, using the Pull tool on a face by default offsets the face, but using the Pull tool on an edge rounds the edge.

Move – It repositions components and geometry and can also be used to create patterns (often called arrays).

Fill – it primarly removes geometry from a part by extending geometry to fill in the surrounding area. Popular use include deleting rounds and holes from a model. Spaceclaim engineer also include more specialized tools for model preparation.

Combine – it performs Boolean and splitting operations, such as merging parts and subtracting parts from each other. Functions were developed in the modelling kernel ACIS. It is licensed to SpaceClaim by Dassault System.

Spaceclaim Corporation was established by Mike Payne, Danny Dean, David Taylor, and Blake Courter in September 2005. Mike Payne was formerly a forefather of PTC and Solidworks. Spaceclaim Corporation on 1 April, 2007 released SpaceClaim 2007 Professional. SpaceClaim 2007 Professional software was 1st commercial release.

Chris Randles becomes CEO of Spaceclaim Corporation on 30 September 2008. Mike Payne become chairman of the Board on 30 September 2008. SpaceClaim declared support for multi-touch hardware on 21 July, 2009.  Ansys, a organizational software company Ansys acquired SpaceClaim for $85 million in cash plus concerns.


Ansys is specialists in evolving software for product development simulation and analysis. Ansys sold a version of SpaceClaim known as ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler.


ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler become an alternative for its CAE software ever since 2009.



SpaceClaim Corporation marketplaces SpaceClaim Engineer straight to end-user and ultimately by other channels. SpaceClaim also licenses its software for OEMs, such as ANSYS, Flow International Corporation, CatalCAD, and Ignite Technology which marketplaces a version of SpaceClaim for jewelry design.

Official Web Site –

CatalCAD SpaceClaim product –

Ignite Technology –

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