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Date – May 8, 2017 – May 11, 2017

Venue –  David L. Lawrence Convention Center | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,  United States

Speaker – Rapid Advisors

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Come to largest, longest-running, and most respected additive manufacturing conference in North America and immerse yourself in the technologies that are making the single greatest impact on the future of manufacturing and your business. This is where you can make vital business connections with the most progressive people in your industry – the thinkers who embrace the breakthroughs that can move your business forward.

Hear from over 200 industry leaders about how additive manufacturing can solve many industry challenges:

Revolutionize your product design,
Reduce time to market,
Create prototypes in a fraction of the time of traditional methods,
Cut costs,
Eliminate tooling,
Manufacture functional demonstration parts,
Produce low volume end-user parts and components,


Conference Session Descriptions

3D Imaging / Scanning: CT Scanning and Surface Scanning

In order for additively manufactured parts to replace conventional parts in production applications, it is necessary for the industry to be able to demonstrate their dimensional integrity. The very freedom to design complex shapes that comes with 3D printing ironically make the task of measurement more challenging. These presentations address ways in which this challenge can be met.

Academic Research

This session provides an opportunity to learn about and experience the current and future trends in materials development and multi-material approaches, system stability and in-situ monitoring advances and predictive algorithms for manufacturing.


Industry experts present various case studies and novel practices facilitated through additive manufacturing. See how additive technologies have enhanced tooling, assisted those with disabilities, optimized part design, and more

Building Regional Leadership in Additive Manufacturing

Collaborations among academic, industrial, nonprofit, and government organizations have pushed southwestern Pennsylvania and the surrounding region forward as a hub for additive manufacturing. New capabilities and developments will be described that are accelerating materials and process development, industry adoption, qualification and certification, workforce education and training. Opportunities for new partnerships and collaborations will also be presented and discussions will continue during the poster session that will follow in the Exhibit Hall.

 Business & Economic Considerations – Execution and Strategic

These tracks will provide a forum for exploring strategic planning around making money with additive manufacturing. Hear firsthand from those that have already been through the process, and explore topics that impact the business model such as utilization methods, volume considerations, market shifts, safety, post processing, data management and data protection.


As 3D printing technology matures, the casting world finds more and more cost-effective applications for this technology. This session will give insight into some of these applications, including applications for lost foam, core printing and sand mold printing.

Design Considerations

As additive manufacturing continues to develop, so have the tools that designers and engineers have at their disposal. This track will cover both the considerations that engineers are faced with throughout the design process, as well as advances in numerous software tools. For instance, newer topology optimization packages to yield more realistic solutions and CAD software with added functionality to aid engineers in the process of designing for additive manufacturing. Hear about examples of parts and systems that are now reasonable designs thanks to these tools that are in development.

Digital Thread (PU) & Standards (PU)

Protecting data is important when your entire product can be floating in the cloud. Managing cybersecurity and intellectual property rights is a real challenge. Learn how to address these digital thread challenges and find out how consensus based standards is a challenge for the next evolution of manufacturing to really take hold. Using the information age to accelerate best practices enables rapid advancement of advanced manufacturing practices. Power up your approach to addressing all of these important issues.

Direct Write Printed Materials / Electronics

This session focuses on advances in multi-material 3D printing technologies. Novel uses of processes and materials along with interesting end-use applications are presented.

DoD AM Research & Applications

The DoD seeks to expand the operational envelope of advanced manufacturing technologies for military and aerospace applications, through material development and process optimization. This session covers DoD and NASA research including process-property control, novel material sources, and testing in extreme environments. Examples of structural, multi-functional, and high performance military applications will be discussed.

Innovative Applications (PU)

Learn about the new and innovative ways to use additive manufacturing.  Learn how we move from the ideas of next generation manufacturing, through 3D printing in schools, to functionally graded materials, metal meshes, sports rings and space applications.

Material Properties

Experts provide discussions about material testing procedures and results, metallography, fatigue and fracture mechanics.  Learn about the influence of powder characteristics and take a look into machine parameter development, influence of ageing, and chemistry.  Gain an understanding on final material properties, new materials, microstructure improvements and the effects of helium on final material properties.  Experts also discus ceramics and Alnico Magnets.


Materials used in additive manufacturing are ever changing.  Experts discuss how both polymers and metals are utilized in a variety of additive manufacturing technologies. Learn about processing parameters, typical defects you find in metals, aluminum, super alloys and many things in between.

Medical Manufacturing Innovations: Clinical Applications 1 & 2

From creating anatomical models to patient-matched devices and more, point-of-care manufacturing is a quickly growing area for additive manufacturing. These sessions will explore some of the latest applications and processes used in a clinical setting.

Medical Manufacturing Innovations: Biomaterials

Additive manufacturing of materials to be used inside the body holds much promise for tissue regeneration, drug delivery, and more. This session covers some of the latest materials, their applications, and the processes enabling their use.

Medical Manufacturing Innovations: Quality, Regulatory, & Implants

Whether using additive manufacturing for serialized implants or patient-matched devices, the quality, regulatory, and technology considerations are critical. Attend this session to understand what you need to do and ways to improve the process.

Medical Manufacturing Innovations: Metals

Understanding the different metals processes and the impact and wear of implantable devices is key to using additive manufacturing. This session will explore some new comparisons and studies of metal device performance in patient-care.

New Processes (PU)

This session contains an interesting mix of concepts and capabilities supporting new processes with a primary focus on metal and hybrid machines. Hear about high volume and large build volume printers, liquid metal and composite 3D printing.  This session will also focus on smaller less expensive metal printers with a glimpse into the next generation of manufacturing.

Part/Product Certification

Taking advantage of the manufacturing technologies gets complicated and accelerated when you apply hybrid and emerging technologies together. In this session, you will learn how application of these technologies needs to be considered as early as the design phase.

 Post Processing

This session will give attendees an overview of post processing for both metal and polymer AM post processing.  Key takeaways include the business impact of post processing, an overview of several key techniques, and a deep dive into several polymer and metal post processing methods.

Process Monitoring, Control and Qualification

Experts explain case studies and provide findings from their research and investigation.  Discover what to control, monitor and inspect and the tools to use. Presentations cover in-situ and post-build qualification for both metal and plastic AM.

Quality & Inspection

Total confidence in part quality is essential if additively manufactured parts are to compete with and replace conventional parts in critical applications. The presentations in this track address aspects of in-process build quality assurance.

Workforce Development

Additive manufacturing has captured the imagination and interest of manufacturers and the public at large. From schoolchildren creating toys, to manufacturers producing everything from aerospace nose cones, to the tiniest medical device, additive manufacturing is attracting a greater share of modern manufacturing. In this session, delve into strategies and tactics to ensure that manufacturers will have ready employees to fill the ever-widening pool of jobs in this exciting—and evolving—technology.


About Conference –


RAPID + TCT is an additive manufacturing event that showcases product innovations and offers collaborative learning opportunities to ultimately accelerate the adoption and advancement of the technology. The two industry leaders in 3D technology events, SME and Rapid News Publications Ltd., are combining their nearly 30 years of insights and experience to produce the annual RAPID + TCT event starting in 2017.

At RAPID + TCT, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with the most influential community in additive manufacturing. Explore the future of the industry through interactive experiences, 330+ hands-on exhibitskeynotes, and conference presentations from over 200 industry leaders. The level of cutting-edge 3D innovation at RAPID + TCT is unparalleled, as well as the breadth and depth of additive expertise across all industries. This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience the newest products, technologies, and materials in 3D printing, additive manufacturing, 3D scanning, CAD/CAE, metrology and inspection technologies. Join us at RAPID + TCT 2017 and explore the unlimited possibilities of how 3D technology can advance your business.