ANSYS Electrification Seminar and Workshop


Check new Seminar, Workshop and Conference of – ANSYS Electrification, ANSYS Electromechanical Solutions R18.X, ANSYS AIM.

Date – May 17, 2017 – May 18, 2017, Time – 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (EST)

Venue –

Kockoff Hall, University Center, University of Michigan-Deaborn, 4901 Evergreen Rd, Dearborn, MI 48128, USA

ANSYS Inc, 900 Victors Way, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Speaker – Amit Shah ( )

Cost – ANSYS Electrification Seminar and Workshop

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Technological advancements such as new materials, more intelligent/faster control chips, cheaper/better power semiconductors, etc. have paved the way for various industries to re-innovate their electrical systems, which includes motor/generator, power electronics, energy storage, power delivery and system integration. Design and product development paradigm have also changed to meet these new challenges that require more integration, studying of all physics involved, more importantly – going to market faster than competitors. ANSYS provides an integrated platform for engineers to design, optimize these key components, and collaborate with other teams, suppliers, customers to maximize system effectiveness.

About Conference –


Day 1 Agenda : Seminar at University of Michigan-Dearborn

08:30-09:00 Registration and Breakfast
09:00-09:15 ANSYS Welcome
09:15-09:55 High Fidelity FEA Based PMSM Model Extraction for High Performance Drive Design; Mathworks/ANSYS
9:55-10:30 ANSYS Electromechanical Solutions R18.X Update and Future Roadmap
10:30-10:50 Coffee Break
10:50-11:25 Multi-Physics Analysis of PM Machine Drives in Case of a Stator Inter-turn Short Circuit Fault
11:25-12:00 48V BSG Induction Machine Design; Broad-Ocean Technologies; Broad Ocean Technologies
13:00-13:40 Structural Integrity and Thermal Management Simulation for Electrical Engineering
13:40-14:20 Applying Wide-bandgap Devices to EV Battery Chargers; Prof. Kevin (Hua) Bai, Univ. of Michigan-Dearborn
14:20-14:40 Coffee Break
14:40-15:20 Bridging the Electro-Thermal Divide
15:20-16:00 Q&A / Networking

Day 2 Agenda: Workshop at ANSYS Ann Arbor Office

Venue: ANSYS Inc, 900 Victors Way, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Workshop 1
9 AM – 3 PM Mathworks / ANSYS: High Fidelity FEA Based PMSM Model Extraction for Drive/Control Design
Event limited to 14 attendees, Lunch will be provided
Workshop 2
9 AM – 3 PM ANSYS AIM: Structural Integrity Study and Thermal Management for Electrical Engineering
Event Limited to 10 attendees, Lunch will be provided